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The Salvation Army of the Chattahoochee Valley strives to adapt to meet changing community needs while remaining true to its mission: To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet humans needs in His name without discrimination. Current facilities have served our community for many years but are not up to this ambitious vision: To free local families and individuals from the grip of homelessness and intergenerational poverty.

A new approach is needed to continue the mission to do Amazing Good.

It is nearly impossible to imagine requiring emergency shelter and being separated from your child. The truth is that families who are homeless lack access to appropriate emergency shelter.

Between 2016 and 2020, there has been a 13% increase in women experiencing homelessness.  For children in the same time period, the increase is a staggering 94%.  Limited resources, capacity, and shelter design often result in families being separated by gender and/or age.  The opportunities to stay together as a family unit are rare.

Seeing this need, The Salvation Army of the Chattahoochee Valley worked with Home for Good to house families needing shelter in local hotels. Through 14 months of the collaboration, 42 families have been housed for an average of 27 days. As you are well aware, however, this short-term fix is unsustainable. An Amazing Solution is needed to provide more opportunities and challenge the root causes of homelessness in our community.

The Salvation Army is uniquely positioned to comprehensively address these urgent, local needs. The three core elements of the plan will focus on homelessness in our community.

Construct a new Center of Hope facility to increase emergency shelter capacity focused on families who are homeless

The new Center of Hope will increase capacity in our community to support the growing number of requests for shelter. A major focus will be providing families experiencing homelessness the opportunity to stay together as a family in a facility that provides them with appropriate levels of privacy and opportunities to make community connections. The Center will also include other resources such as a computer lab and classrooms, playgrounds and recreational facilities, and a peaceful outdoor garden space.

Expand and enhance the Pathway of Hope initiative to end intergenerational poverty

The Salvation Army has developed a focused program designed to help families and individuals escape the grip of poverty. The Pathway of Hope provides offices and dedicated caseworkers to facilitate confidentiality, case management, and opportunities for growth and lifestyle changes.

More about Pathway of Hope

Use The Salvation Army Corn Center programs to holistically serve families and individuals

An afterschool program where children can thrive, a performing arts center for children and adults, and weekly fellowship and worship opportunities help those experiencing homelessness find the support they need.

“The families and individuals who will be coming here will be under the stress of the effects of poverty, among other factors. Having a clean, attractive and secure dining area opening onto a protected courtyard with kid-friendly play environment will help make their stay a good experience for all. The design will enable better changes to begin for the residents as families.”

Neil Clark, Architect

An investment of
$8.5 million
is needed to realize our vision to serve those who are homeless and end intergenerational poverty in our community.

Our Progress


The Chattahoochee Valley is blessed with caring and generous people who work together to make life better for the community at large. With commitment to our neighbors and collaboration with community organizations, The Salvation Army of the Chattahoochee Valley can continue to do Amazing Good. But not without your help.

Would you partner with us? Homeless Families Need You.

The new Center of Hope will cost $8.5 million. Contributions and pledges can be made over a 3-5 year period. In addition to cash, contributions of appreciated stock, bonds, and marketable real estate will be accepted. Will you invest in this Amazing endeavor for our community?

Neil P. Clark • Chair
Hecht Burdeshaw Architects, Inc.

Walker R. (Rennie) Bickerstaff
Community Volunteer

Joann Thomas-Buchanan
Buchanan Property

John D. Flory
Merrill Lynch

Rickey Gibson
Piedmont Payment Services, LLC

W. James (Jim) Gunby, Jr.
Synovus Private Wealth Management

Al Haynes, Jr.
PMB Radio

Michael Holbrook
Columbus Travel

Lamar Johnson
Lamar Johnson & Associates

Olivia Pennington

Mark Post
Mark Post Law

Stacey Pritchard
Synovus Commercial Banking

Bridgette Russell
The Columbus Museum

Delray Stephens
Happy Valley Day Facility

Thomas (Tom) C. Waynick
Pastoral Institute

Meredith Yoe
Community Volunteer

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